Short courses - Improvement into the future

The strategy for the short courses

The aim is to develop high impact short courses (customised to Waitemata DHB requirements). The short courses will complement the DHB's FAST and other improvement training programmes, in order to promote the continuous development of quality improvement (QI) knowledge and skills across our organisation (refer fig 1).

Value: Better, Best, BrilliantThe strategy is to fill a gap, providing participants with specialised quality improvement tools and knowledge in certain disciplines to assist them with their day to day job functions across our organisation:

  1. Basic Microsoft Excel skills
  2. Basic statistics
  3. Project management fundamentals
  4. Change management fundamentals
Quality Education Objective

Brief short courses description

1. Basic Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous in our work environment.  The voice of the customer suggests that a basic course with “short cuts” and “tips” would be very useful for many staff members, especially with the latest version of Microsoft Excel. We plan to design and facilitate a “hands on e-Learning” course on basic Excel skills.

Excel course

2. Basic statistics:

Interpreting and presenting evidence-based data is vital for continuous improvement. This course is not designed to provide in-depth statistical training. The aim is to enable participants to interpret and present basic statistical data and information effectively, and serves as a revision for many participants. Use of box plots, run charts, control charts and other data tools will be explored.

3. Project Management: the basics

The project management short course is a simplified practical adaptation of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) approach. The course will focus on the pragmatic approach of project management with simplified tools distilled from the PMBOK.

The objective is to assist participants to undertake small to medium size improvement projects, completed on time, within budget and deliver quality outcomes. The course focuses on the “management” of the project, not finding solutions to problems.   

Project management

4. Change management: fundamentals

In our current environment, change is constant and it is important to ensure that change leads to improvement and better outcomes for our community. Managing change and the impact of change is important for all organisations in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition from current state to the desired state.

This course introduces participants to the theory of change management & change strategy. It will help participants to manage change and provide insights into some of the issues associated with change.

Change management

Ken KokFor more information contact:
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