Quality report (Dec 2012)

Prof. Ron PatersonProfessor Ron Paterson, University of Auckland prepared this Quality report for the Chief Executive and Board of Waitemata DHB, in his role of Chief Advisor Quality.  He reviewed the current function and effectiveness of existing quality processes across the domains of quality assurance and quality improvement at North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals.

Over the past year, Waitemata DHB has made a lot of changes in quality assurance and quality improvement processes.  This report reflects the many positive changes that have occurred, and highlights the areas where more work needs to be done.

Structure of the report

The report covers four areas:

  • Complaints - do patients and families who complain receive a prompt response that helps resolve their concerns, and are complaints used to improve the quality of care?
  • Serious adverse events - when things go wrong (especially when patients suffer serious harm) are the causes thoroughly investigated, lessons learned and remedial steps taken to prevent a recurrence?
  • Patient experience and bereavement care - how do we know that patients have a good experience of DHB services? What is being done to ensure patient-centred care? Do families receive appropriate support and information before and after a bereavement?
  • Quality of care - how do we know that patients receive good quality care? What systems are in place to monitor and improve the quality of care?

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