Priorities for Financial Year 2012/2013

Board Priorities for Financial Year 2012/2013

The DHB’s priorities for the Financial Year (FY) 2012/2013 year, approved by the Board, are linked directly with the Minister of Health’s letter of expectations and include:

  • Improved patient safety and experiencenurturing a culture of clinical excellence coupled with service to our patients.  Recommendations from our review of patient experience will be implemented alongside the local patient safety and quality initiatives from the regional ‘First Do No Harm’ programme to ensure we deliver the Best Care for Every One.  We will also encourage our senior clinicians and managers in new ways of working which create a momentum for change, and an environment where staff are responsive, transparent and innovative – with a bias for action.
  • Improved sustainability we will continue to achieve a break-even financial position, with a small surplus in FY 2012/2013.  This will require continued effort to improve processes, implement service improvements and reduce waste e.g. through new models of care, in-sourcing of services, and acceleration of our regional work with the other northern region DHBs, but particularly with Auckland DHB.  The two DHBs plan to build on current collaborative activity in 2012/2013 to enhance health outcomes and improve the quality of service delivery for their populations while capitalising on efficiencies through economies of scale, scope and critical mass.

Quality Strategy 2011-2013

The DHB’s Quality Strategy 2011-2013 sets out how we embed the Board’s priorities across the organisation and strive to achieve its vision for quality: to deliver patient-centred, clinically driven high quality outcomes.  The strategy provides a quality framework and a quality plan that defines how the DHB will achieve this vision.

The quality framework (see diagram below) specifies the key principles and practices necessary to deliver a high quality health care.  It identifies three key principles (patient at the heart and start; clinical quality excellence; and right first time, every time); and six quality outcomes (strengthen patient engagement; optimise the patient experience; increase quality capability and accountability; improve health systems and processes; and enhance patient safety).

Waitemat DHB Quality Framework 2011-13
Waitemata DHB Quality Framework 2011-2013

The quality plan sets out the actions needed to achieve the quality vision.  It defines twelve areas for action that all employees within Waitemata DHB can take to improve the safety and quality of care provided.

The Quality Strategy 2011-2013 sets the basis for this FY 2012/2013 quality account and the quality activities that our staff, community partners and consumers have undertaken during the this FY 2012/2013.