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Quality boards

Quality boards

What is a quality board?

Quality boards are display boards used in our surgical and medical wards and service areas to demonstrate what and how well we are doing in providing high quality care: care that is safe, effective and patient and family centred.

Value: Better, Best, BrilliantThe boards help staff, patients and their families to:

  • understand how well we are doing against objectives and key quality indicators
  • identify opportunities for improvement 
  • contribute to ideas about how we can improve

What are we trying to achieve?

We wanted to raise awareness among patients, their families/ whanau and friends, and our staff, about how each ward area is performing against agreed quality indicators using quality boards in the surgical and medical inpatient areas.

Our Aim:  To agree on a consistent format for displaying information and ‘make it happen’.

What have we done?

Each surgery and medical ward/area created their own quality board with the assistance of our quailty team. This equated to 25 different locations across North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals. Each quality board contains four sections:

  1. Patient safety - this section contains the latest audit results for:Patient safety quality board
    • falls
    • medication errors
    • pressure injuries
    • resuscitation trolley
    • hand hygiene compliance
  2. Patient experience - this section contains:ADU quality board
    • patient satisfaction survey results 
    • compliment cards or letters from patients and their families/whanau
  3. Our quality focus - this section contains:
    • specific improvement projects occurring in the ward/area
  4. Staff health and wellbeing - this section contains:
    • staff survey results
    • stories of interest
    • professional staff development opportunities
    • newsletters
    • ward specific activities

What can you do to help us?

  • Read through the information on the Quality Boards displayed on our hospital wards
  • Discuss what is on the Quality Boards with the hospital staff, especially initiatives specific to the ward / department

Where to from here?

  • We are aiming to create quality boards in all remaining inpatient areas.
  • We will regularly review quality boards’ purpose and content to ensure they reflect the organisation’s quality priorities.